An in-console byte editor.

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Currently Sbyte is only available through cargo

cargo install sbyte
sbyte <filename>


It's a byte editor. It's console-based. I don't think it sucks.


  • Hexadecimal, Binary and Decimal views
  • Configurable controls
  • Vi-ish environment
  • Regex-ish searching

Planned Features

  • Extensibility with Python
  • Relative-sequence-based searching (ie. You don't know the initial value but you know the [pro|pre]ceeding relative bytes)
  • Data marking: Set a byte or chunk as a checksum, pointer, etc.
  • Scriptability: Use the functionality of sbyte just by running a script.


The current defaults (while prone to change until v1.0.0 is released) are as follows:

NOTE: If the register is set, user actions are applied that many times

While in default mode

  • 0-9 add digit to register
  • = cycle between hex/binary/decimal views
  • x cut selection
  • p paste

Movement & Selection

  • h Move Cursor Left
  • j Move Cursor Down
  • k Move Cursor Up
  • l Move Cursor Right
  • H Decrease length of selection
  • J Increase length of selection by a line
  • K Decrease length of selection by a line
  • L Increase length of selection
  • R Jump to index denoted by selection (Big Endian)
  • T Jump to index denoted by selection (Little Endian)
  • / search

Mode Switching

  • o switch to mode overwrite
  • i switch to mode insert
  • : switch to shell

History & Automation

  • u undo action
  • ctrl+r redo action
  • q start/stop recording user actions
  • @ play back recorded user actions


  • ~ apply NOT to cursor selection
  • & apply AND to cursor selection
  • | apply OR to cursor selection
  • ^ apply XOR to cursor selection


  • + increment selection (ignore overflow)
  • - decrement selection (ignore overflow)

While in overwrite mode

Note: Depending on which view is enabled, different numerals will be active.

  • 0-9 a-f overwrite digit
  • p paste
  • x cut selection
  • h Move sub-cursor to next digit
  • l Move sub-cursor to previous digit
  • esc return to default mode

Shell Commands

  • find <pattern> Search for, and jump to, a pattern
  • fr <pattern> <replacewith> Search for all instances of pattern and replace them
  • insert <pattern> Insert pattern
  • overwrite <pattern> Overwrite with pattern
  • q Quit
  • w Save
  • w <path> Save to path
  • wq Save & Quit

Bitwise Masks

  • and <mask>
  • nand <mask>
  • or <mask>
  • nor <mask>
  • xor <mask>
  • not

Record & Play

  • rec <keyword> Start recording user actions and save playback to keyword
  • rec If recording, stop the recording
  • play <keyword> Replay user actions saved to keyword

Regex modifications

Regex is supported in searches, however some modifications have been made to make it more useful in the context of all bytes rather than just the human-readable ones.

Byte Wildcarding

Use a . to indicate a wildcard within a byte.


This will find all bytes from \x90 to \x9F:

find \x9.

This can also be done in binary:

find \b1001....
and doesn't need to be sequential<br/>

find \b100100.0

will match \x90 & \x92